About Us

We are regarded as construction industry innovators, focused solely on delivering a superior specification-writing experience.

// The Smartspec Story

Specifications have for years been regarded as a time-consuming chore for specifiers to produce and often viewed by the Council and Contractor as verbose and not specific to the project. Smartspec smashes this paradigm - it makes spec-writing simple, fast and accurate via a smart database of related clauses, it’s clearly laid-out, and easy to read.

Smartspec was launched in 2011 by the team behind www.productspec.net in order to deliver a more accurate, project-specific, and succinct construction project specification for all project stakeholders.

The Smartspec Team continually develop both the Smartspec functionality and specification content, and introduce new features and specifications on a weekly basis.

// The Team

team member Chad Graybeal

Chad is the Senior Systems Architect, designing, developing, managing, and implementing all Smartspec web applications, database management, and hosting solutions.

team member Janelle Fenwick

Janelle leads the Auckland sales team, establishing and maintaining relationships with Smartspec clients to understand their unique business requirements and provide effective marketing solutions.

team member Don Thomson

Don is the Specification Editor, an industry professional working closely with Smartspec clients to create industry-leading specifications and oversees the quality assurance of the Smartspec generic content.